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A young Stan Lee creates a new type of comic, and it brings him everything he dreamed of: fame, fortune, and a beautiful girl. But when he tries to use his new-found platform to warn kids of the dangers of drugs, the Comics Code Authority threatens him with closure. Should he back down and protect his fledgling company, or risk it all to do what is right?

The Comics Code is a new musical exploring what it means to be a hero, featuring the characters who brought us some of the most beloved heroes of all time. Watch the creation of Spider Man, Iron Man, and The Fantastic Four, as the Marvel Team face a challenge that would define a type of comic book, and change the world of storytelling forever.


Fletcher Crossman has written for several newspapers and magazines, including the International Herald Tribune, New Humanist magazine, and Artists and Writers Yearbook. Fletcher wrote and directed the 2017 movie, Heavy Objects, which was nominated for Best Feature at the New York Winter Film Awards. Fletcher is the recipient of awards from the Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation, the Puffin Foundation, and the George Sugarman Foundation for his work in the arts.


Fletcher's music has been featured in several video and film productions, and he is the musical director of the Los Angeles Sunday Assembly.


Richard Israel is a Los Angeles and New York-based director specializing in the development of new musicals. He is a two-time L.A. Stage Alliance Ovation award winner and the recipient of the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Milton Katselas Award for Career Achievement in Direction. In addition to his work onstage, Richard served as the Theatrical Coordinator for the HBO series BIG LITTLE LIES, in which he directed several on-screen sequences from AVENUE Q. 

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